Planning Your Henderson Harbor (Eastern Lake Ontario) Fishing Charter

Haven’t experienced a Henderson Harbor Lake Ontario fishing charter before?  Call John at Henchen’s (315-938-5313) and he will help set up your lodging AND charter!

Henchen Marina is the main customer pick up and drop off location for many of the local Lake Ontario fishing charter captains, making us a convenient place to stay during your visit to Henderson Harbor. We  are renown for our trophy freshwater fish–walleye, northern pike, lake and brown trout, smallmouth bass, pickerel and salmon.

If you have never gone on a fishing charter out of Henderson Harbor, here are some tips to make your experience as enjoyable as possible:

  • Because charters leave early and come back after check-out time, booking your lodging for at least two nights will make for a comfortable and stress-free experience for you and your friends/family.


  • Full day Lake Ontario fishing charters (which most trips are) leave the dock at 5:30 – 6:30 AM, so you’ll want to bring breakfast with you, or grab a breakfast sandwich (which you can microwave) or danish in our store before you leave. (Most of our accommodations have kitchens with coffee makers, toasters, etc. so you can bring your own breakfast foods as well).


  • Everyone on the boat age 16 and over needs a valid New York State fishing license for the day that you fish.  You can purchase these online or at our store any day/time prior to your charter. Kids under age 16 do not need a fishing license.


  • Unless your charter captain provides a shore lunch as part of the package, you’ll want to bring food, snacks and beverages in non-breakable containers. Yes, we do carry soda, beer and munchies in the marina store if you forget to bring some with you.


  • Bringing rain gear is a good idea just in case, as is dressing in layers, as the open water temperatures can be much cooler than on land.  Forget to pack something? We have rain ponchos, jackets and sweatshirts for kids and adults in the store.


  • Also be sure to bring sunglasses, hats, sunscreen and cameras.  Wear soft soled shoes or sneakers.


  • If you’ve never been on a Lake Ontario fishing charter before, or tend to get motion sickness, take Dramamine® as directed before you leave. Yep, we have that in the store, too.


  • Our fish cleaners will filet any fish you catch on your excursion. Bring a cooler to transport your catch home. We sell Styrofoam® coolers in the store as well, and ice to pack around your fish.

Below is a list of charter guides who belong to the Henderson Harbor Guides Association, along with links to their websites when applicable. Haven’t experienced a Henderson Harbor fishing charter before?  Call John at Henchen’s (315-938-5313) and he will help set up your lodging AND charter!

Charter Name Captain(s) Phone
‘CR’ Charters Ron Stein 315-639-3632
Drag’n A Line Charters Dave Lyman 315-335-6635
Ewing Charters Tom Ewing 315-376-6921
Excursion Charters Dave Lee 518-229-5499
Fish Lure Charters Dave Huebner 609-462-6661
 First Strike Charters George PoundGreg Pound 315-938-9282
Foster Child Charters Sharon Foster Kim Foster 315-493-3329
Gone Fishin Charters Scott Grandjean 315-783-5009
Hobo Charters Jim McGowan 315-938-5617
How Sweet It Is Charters Pete Barnes 315-408-4040
Jerry’s Sportfish’n Charters Jerry Sharrow 315-387-3182
Jessie Mae Sportfishing Bob Savage 315-639-6574
Jolly Roger Fishing Charters Walt Chapman Gerry Tanner 315-415-3659 315-405-6547
Laura Lee Charters Tony Palusio 585-329-3588
Lots A Limits Tim Meador 315-212-4412
McCrea Fishing Charters Dave McCrea 315-938-5069
Mega-Bite Charters Briggs Williamson 315-955-4895
Milky Way Charters Scott Durant 315-938-5420
Mit-She Charters Mitch Franz 315-938-5865
Moby Dick Charters Bob DickShawn Dick 315-938-5871
Pole Position Charters Scott Lennox 315-846-5868
Pro 1 Charters George Kogut 315-778-8986
River Valley Charters Ben Roggie 315-783-6679
Robin’s Rest Charters Bob Weaver 814-435-2693
Ron Ditch & Sons Charters Dave DitchDrew DitchRon Ditch 315-938-7045239-225-5651315-938-5234
Ruffin-it II Don Peters 336-339-4749
Saiff Charters Bill Saiff IIBill Saiff IIIDave Zangari 315-778-2297315-771-3514315-546-5953
Salmo Charters Lew Wescott 315-938-7333
Salmon Hunter Charters Steve Chesley 570-460-0611
School’s Out Charters Nick Lee 315-778-8245
Shady Lady Charters Fred Kucik 315-646-1733
Smith’s Charters Barry Smith 315-846-5684
Sunken Treasures Charters Gene Bolton 315-486-8463
The Bear Charters Carl Golas 315-376-7695
Triple A-Tug Hill Charters Bob Jordan 315-938-5577
Trophy Angler Charters Bob Gregory 315-778-4177
Waters Charters Tom Waters 315-938-5855
Well Deserved Charters Jeff Butcher 315-778-4376